Shanghai Fanjian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. DBA BingFMS was established in 2012. As a certified service provider of U.S. CBP, we have been filing AMS, ISF for our clients over the years and the one-click filing feature freed our customer from double entry and human errors. Our cloud-based SaaS solutions enable lots well-known international logistics enterprises working more efficiently. Our deep understanding in all types of EDI Standards provides close connection to all shipping parties, from Customs Filing, to Air and Ocean Carriers.
For years, we’ve been focusing on accelerating our customer’s growth.
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Freight Management System
Warehouse Control System for FBA
24 X 7 AMS, ISF Filing System
Freight Forwarding ePortal
Freight Management System
BingFMS is a cloud-based platform, combining freight management, accounting system and customer relation management, it is more than an ERP. It covers areas from Air Export/Import and Ocean Export/Import to Domestic Shipping, and also provides basic data management, report analysis tools and finance functions such as AR/AP management, Banking, Cash management, and General Ledger
        With our cloud solution, employees from freight forwarders can access to the system at anytime from anywhere. Locations or devices are never going to hinder your efficiency. Think about the following scenario,even you are out of office or on a business trip, you can still give an immediate response to your valuable customers no matter they are requesting to process their data or track their shipments. As a result, it will greatly improve the customer satisfactory rating and loyalty
The FMS is a time-horned system and received lots of positive feedback from our customers.
Warehouse Control System for FBA
WCS mainly provides receiving and shipping management, on-line order and inventory control, and automatic calculation of warehouse rent as well. We also integrated accounting module in WCS.
        E-Commerce business has strict need on cost-control which means we have to adopt standards far more than regular when it comes to considering how to save labour cost. Through cloud solutions, customers can send ASN to a warehouse enterprise online and it also allows the customer check and control their inventory in the warehouse, in this way, it will save a lot of back and forth communication between the warehouse and the customer. Most data only need to be input once, then it can be accessed by other parties, it will eliminate the traditional duplicated data entry.
        WCS supports connecting to many external systems. Warehouses can easily arrange shipments or delivery and complete the shipment status tracking in the system. Switching between different systems to get the data is no longer required.
24 X 7 AMS, ISF Filing System
We have passed the strict certification requirement of U.S. CBP and become a service provider of CBP. We have provided safe and convenient AES, AMS and ISF filling for NVOCC and forwarders over the years.
         The one-click filing feature freed our customer from double entry and human errors which will give forwarders a head start in efficiency and accuracy. And our competitive service price will help small and medium-sized enterprises to control their cost.
         AES (Automatic Export System) US Customs was the first to implement Customs B2G regulation, requiring all Freight Forwarders to file Export Declarations electronically from AES Website. BingFMS was certified by US CBP to file AES from our system directly.
         AMS (Automatic Manifest System) Since 9/11, AMS filing has been regulated by US government as a way to cope with anti-terrorism risk. We have a lot of experience helping clients strictly follow the 24 Hour regulation to eliminate Filing Errors and Penalties.
         ISF (Importer Security Filing) Over the years, we have worked very closely with customers so that they can file the 10 + 2 data elements required by CBP in a timely and accurate manner.
The Portal mainly provides an online portal for freight forwarders. Main functions: PO management, EDI Transmission shipment tracking visualization, electronic documents management.
         PO Management PO module is integrated with the Booking and House Bill modules in a sophisticated way without requiring to input additional PO information. With one-click link, you can track all relevant information. Query function can return results accurately according to a variety of specified criteria to avoid redundant information which requires manual filtering. Excel export function can allow the customer to customize and analyze data to meet customers' needs for various formats.
         EDI Transmission With the deep understanding of various EDI standards, we can help customers directly transmit data from system to system, eliminating the tedious work of entering the same data multiple times in different systems. The Import function specially designed and developed for the data interaction between export agents and import agents can help both parties achieve the seamless business connection.
         Real-time Visibility In All Shipments The technology that provides real-time visibility makes the cargo status very clear. It can allow customers to track sea, air and international express transport in a really easy way.
         EDOC Management Docs management has never been easier. Customers can directly send electronic documents such as Delivery Order, B/L and Invoice to a recipient through the embedded email service of the portal website, and the corresponding sending records are all listed clearly to avoid missing or sending wrong documents. It supports uploading E-Documents to the cloud, which can be downloaded or edited anytime, anywhere.